When Mercy Makes You Free

The mist is rising and the dew saturated grass rakes against my bare toes. The camera swings as I trudge through the yard toward the back pasture in the early morning. The feelings bring me back to a number of moments and memories. Morning. A word, a time, a space that makes my mind reel with thought. Shared moments with little ones eager to wake, straight-up conked out slumber of teenage years, a sunrise on the beach with a pajama clad babe – toes in the sand, a friendly neighbor knocking on my door so I once again won’t be late to first period, an unsuccessful camping trip with college roommates that ended with us all back in our very own beds, early morning treks up mountainsides, and a compassionate freshmen year professor who allowed a retake of the math final (PS – watching ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ all night while you “study” for a math final is not a win.) ‘Mornings’ and I have a past. I’ve never been so rushed at times and so at peace at times. Groggy and beautiful. There is a peace that is so present in the morning. Those first waking moments where toes hit the floor and you tip-toe by the rooms not to wake. I believe the goodness of the morning is because of this promise right here:

 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.”

[Lamentations 3:22-23]

The days can drag on – right?! The nights can close in on you. The moments of rest set the stage for the hope of a new day. He knew one sole day would bring enough worry of its own. His Word provides the hope for that one day – that His mercies are new every morning because great is His faithfulness. That sunrise is a reminder of His presence. The loving call of a little one is a reminder of a fresh start. The song on the way to work is His love never ceasing. To have this promise etched on our hearts, minds, and souls is so valuable. I feel like sometimes I wish there was a teleprompter walking just slightly ahead of me recounting the promises of the Lord. Holding me fast to what is True, what is good. Can someone get on that?! I am so lacking a technical brain but I feel like it would sell like hot cakes! Because on days like today – a day to celebrate freedom no less – where 2 out of 3 kiddos are down for the count with the unwelcome visitors, hand-foot-and mouth, my flesh has won some battles. The broken, sinful, self-reliant flesh has won some battles. Between sick kids, potty training, summer work, packing and just daily life – its been a hot mess over here. The 94 degree weather is not. helping.

What does a mom of three do on days like today? Hide in a closest perhaps? Maybe just for a few minutes. But the real clarity comes on a wild solo grocery run. The silence softens this hard heart. I am thankful today the Truth of the Gospel was louder than the pull towards guilt and condemnation. The Lord allowed a full circle view of His presence and His faithfulness. That my hope is not in the places or people of this world. The successes or failures. Not in the next big move or in the plans of my day. My hope is Christ – TODAY. His love is steadfast. How deep His love is for me in the midst of my sin that He would send His one and only Son to take on my sin so that I could know Him intimately is the freedom I am so thankful for – the freedom that this day of independence aims to protect. The good of this world (which is God’s mercy) is a picture of the freedom of the Lord that He protected for all eternity through the blood of His son, Jesus. That even in the midst of mom fails and dad fails and wife fails and husband fails and relationships or hopes or dreams unfulfilled we have the promise of a God who is with us and who never ceases. A merciful, loving God who is more than enough. His mercy provided the manna when His people wandered – enough for that one day. His mercy brought a ram to save a Faithful one’s son. His mercy came in the form of a babe in a manger. His mercy healed a leper and gave sight to the blind. His mercy befriended an outcast. His mercy came on the Cross – a once and for all mercy that would bring us, His beloved, back into relationship with Him. His mercy will always be enough. We can work and work and think we have it handled but we don’t. He does. Praise the Lord for that and I pray that the Lord reveals to you for the first time or reminds you for the billionth time – that in Christ there is freedom. A freedom where the night comes and we rest in His love for us – that despite our failures, despite our self-reliance, His love is steadfast. Never ceasing. His mercies will never end and the morning will come with mercy for that day because Christ’s faithfulness covers us. 

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