The Unending Gift

The lights twinkle, the music plays, children rush around - sugar coursing through their veins and yet the hush of the seasons whispers something profound, "I am with you." I am with you, echos over and over as we tune our ear to hear the Peace of Christmas. He whispers, "I did it all to be … Continue reading The Unending Gift

The Father’s Deep Delight

Some of you may relate if you have kids of your own, nieces or nephews, or considered caretaker of some little ones. I am sure like me you can’t count the number of times you have to say, “no” to their consistent requests whether it be the well placed candy in the check-out line (some … Continue reading The Father’s Deep Delight

When Mercy Makes You Free

The mist is rising and the dew saturated grass rakes against my bare toes. The camera swings as I trudge through the yard toward the back pasture in the early morning. The feelings bring me back to a number of moments and memories. Morning. A word, a time, a space that makes my mind reel with thought. … Continue reading When Mercy Makes You Free

Visibly Cracked

Again and again. We feel the weight of brokenness this side of Heaven. Sin has caused a separation from the only One who provides love, who is Love Himself. We choose hate over His offer of love. We choose fear over His offer of freedom. We choose selfishness over His selfless offer. Jesus. But there … Continue reading Visibly Cracked

Peter: Yes, Lord.

Do you ever have days where you feel as if you are drowning a bit - days where the neglected bills are piled high, your house looks as if Hansel and Gretel had been wandering lost, toilets in desperate need of cleaning, or it's 5:30 and the closest food is in Aisle 23 seven miles … Continue reading Peter: Yes, Lord.

through the ages

Summer swells with freedom. The lack of schedules and the lazy days are in full swing around here. I find so much delight in the freedom and yet also find myself a lot of days grasping through the summer haze for some semblance of a routine. Don't get me wrong here, I love summer. But … Continue reading through the ages

the Gardener

"You never know what you're gonna get," pretty much sums up my thought entering Spring. Not just the weather, although East Coast weather is crazy, am I right?! But more mysteriously in the not-so-manicured mulch beds right outside my door. I lay no claim to a green thumb and yet I keep expecting my next … Continue reading the Gardener

preserve by abiding

Our first year or so of marriage was pretty eventful and it is funny how small insignificant things can stick out even while big life is occuring. The gift of living alongside someone, or in my case - two crazy brothers (one of whom I am married to and one of whom my husband was "married" to … Continue reading preserve by abiding

train well

I am not a runner. I would not consider myself a runner. My friends would laugh if this claim was brought before them. My husband would laugh harder. I possibly would cry. I wish I loved to run, but I have yet in my 29 years of life come across that emotion when running. Maybe … Continue reading train well

praise to ring out

Welcome friends! I am humbled and excited to have this up and running as it has been a labor of discernment for some time now. I wanted to start off by sharing a bit of my heart and my hope for this space going forward. Hands open to the Lord to lead me in grace … Continue reading praise to ring out