img_2772Am I glad you are here! Welcome to a place of processing, the working out of wonderings. I am so glad you have visited this place and pray you find Truth, peace, rest, and a sense that you are not alone. May this be a place to slow down, breathe in deep, and experience what the Lord is doing in our midst.

Through years of walking with the Lord, friendships, marriage, three little ones, and seasons of great joy and some sorrow I have experienced the Lord in the midst of it all because of His mercy and grace.

It has become more clear to me over the years the extent of my brokenness and the unending goodness of the One who from the foundation of the world walked with us all along. 


in the midst was born out of a desire to glorify the Lord as we discover more of His nearness all day long.

Dear Lord, 

You are good. You are gracious and merciful. Mighty to save and unending in love. May we see your holy hands at work in our lives and have the faith to remember your goodness. May we be aware of your presence. Help us seek you first and may we glorify you in all we are. Your will be done Lord.

In Jesus Christ’s holy name, Amen!

I am thankful to be in this together!