praise to ring out

Welcome friends! I am humbled and excited to have this up and running as it has been a labor of discernment for some time now. I wanted to start off by sharing a bit of my heart and my hope for this space going forward. Hands open to the Lord to lead me in grace and Truth.

To be honest, I have had doubts about this site. There are amazing blogs, websites, and  resources that lean us into the Lord and His work so I have asked the question, who or what is this place for – is this place for me; to journal and process? Is this for others to dig deep, study and fellowship? And while I do believe the answer is ,”yes,” in part to those questions my mind was not at peace. Over the past few weeks I have been studying the word “delight.” I asked the Lord to reveal more about delighting in Him, delighting in the Word, and delighting in the everyday mundane. After just a few weeks in I have had more clarity that has also coincided with my seeking purpose for this space. Jonathan Edwards, an 18th century theologian, once preached on the excellencies of Christ in contrast with His humble manifestation while here on earth. Edwards describes in great detail the beauties of Christ that satisfy the human heart and ultimately lead to nothing but admiration. Our delight of God can in a way be measured by how great our admiration is of Jesus. About one year ago my heart was pricked by the repetition of the phrase, “in the midst,” throughout the Bible. It has been amazing to see the use of this phrase from Genesis to the New Testament [almost 250 times] and I have just skimmed the surface. There is one thing I know for sure, without a doubt, 100% believe, that the Lord desires us to remember that He is in our midst. The story is old, and we know it, the mystery that was hidden for generations is ours to take hold of and remember. The mystery of knowing God came down as Jesus, to show us who He is, to sympathize with our weakness, to die a death we deserved – separated from the Father, and to rise from the dead so we may be in dwelled by the Holy Spirit. We have it – this story is Truth – ours to remember, ours to tell, our God to glorify.

This place is a place for God to be glorified. A place for us to glorify Him together and for praise to ring out, a remembrance of His presence in our midst.

“O magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.”

[Psalm 34:3]

We can never glorify Him enough. My hope is that this is a place to exalt His name together. From wherever you are, reading these words, remembering the goodness of the Lord who is in our midst. So here is this place now, from doubting to fruition. I hope it is a gift to you as my thoughts, God’s Truth, and your circumstances meld together in what turns into glory for the one who delights in you. May the Lord transform our hearts to be more aware of His presence in order for Him to be glorified as we exalt His name together.

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  1. maripatrylo says:

    Love this sister. Bravo to brave you!


    1. bdavidson says:

      Thanks so much! Looking forward to writing more 🙂


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